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Keepers In Trust

“We are all just keepers in trust serving out our time; our only purpose is to help others.”

ISBN: 978-1-5411880-2-0

Keepers In Trust is a faerie tale in the old tradition that tells a story that resonates today: of greed, of hunger, of war, of hope and love.

... dreams and nightmares are found of the same dust; an idyll becomes an avalanche; the stream becomes a flood; the lovers fall to war.’

When grief and suffering are inflicted on a struggling people by their arrogant leaders, ignorant and disdainful of the needs of those around them, it is no surprise that a small group of revolutionaries vow to bring down those in power.

Revolutions... tear apart society, families, individuals, lovers, colleagues, friends and leave only tears to soak into the blood-stained muddy ground.’

Bella returns to this land, where revolution and war are close at hand and finds an uneasy quiet. She is driven to help the innocent citizens caught up in the turmoil, and seeks to put right the wrongs with all her energy and belief, only to encounter the full horror of tragedy and disaster…

The men do not so often come here; I think they just wander off into the woods and find a place to lie down and die. Sometimes we find a body. They have no dignity left, you see. They can’t bear to see the little ones. It breaks their hearts. The women… the women have no hearts left to break.’


ISBN: 978-1-5029746-7-9


There’s a moment on the turn of the tide when the world stands still, when we hold our breath waiting to see which way the water will flow, as though that might change our lives...’

Set among the wild, atmospheric hills and coasts of north-eastern England, where nature holds sway as much as any woman or man, Cliffington looks like a rural idyll, but is not immune to the events of the world. A story of trial and obsession, of love and hope, Cliffington reveals the strength and frailties of the people, and tests their community to the edge of failure. It is a world apart and yet still torn by the trauma, distress and destruction of wars in distant lands. While always, close at hand, the sea rolls on relentless.

Cliffington is an epic novel, a romance, a mystery, a tragedy and a saga that leads you through a noble landscape, in a story that builds into a glorious crescendo with man pitched against his greatest enemy: himself. Nature is ever present and revealed as the real power surrounding us all.

Moses Trod

ISBN: 978-0-9570621-5-3

Moses Trod

Windswept hills, hot city streets, money, madness and mystery all pervade the story of musician and businessman, Mark Hunter. A host of characters populate the scene in a persuasive tapestry of English life where love, music and greed collide with explosive consequences in this lively novel.

Beneath this fast flowing tale Moses the tramp wanders the streets and hills, weaving together the threads of the unfolding drama that bring together the art of beauty, truth, lies, greed and humility in a rich picture of a changing society searching for an idyll that proves as elusive as it is compulsive.

‘It was the hills that made him…’

The Follower


The Follower

The Follower is a tale full of mystery and adventure in a land at once familiar and strange. Harry grows up on the island but longs to escape the quiet boredom of the place. He finds himself involved in a mystery that takes him to the Big City where he meets the Big City Gang and joins them in their adventures. Then he travels by unseen ways to the far mountains with his new friend, Crystal. They are saved from disaster and taken to the ancient house of Erebos where the Lords of the Double-Cross debate their future. Harry and Crystal escape across the mountains as the drama unfolds while the Follower draws ever closer and the strange events of their times are revealed.

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