The Follower by Stephen Morley

When history is mystery,

when reason seems unknown,

when time has lost its destiny

let no man walk alone.

‘It is late and the night outside is black. The small wooden box lies open and I hold the two clear gemstones in my hand. The firelight plays across the facets of the crystals. Once again, I remember…’

So begins The Follower, a tale full of mystery and adventure in a land at once familiar and unsettling. Harry grows up on the island but longs to escape the quiet boredom of his home. His story travels through many strange places as the drama unfolds, while the Follower draws ever closer and the extraordinary events of their times are revealed.

Stephen Morley has written a novel that will engage your imagination while questioning the values of the society we all inhabit. It will appeal to readers of all ages who enjoy a good adventure.

Ego sum Dominus Temporis. 

The Follower book cover
The Star Chamber

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Illustrations by Eileen Morley from The Follower